Sometimes, we get parents who asks us why they have received a new bill when they haven't had a booking a long time.

This occurs generally for parents who are claiming CCS

When CCS actually takes back their payment?

When your CCS enrollment with us ceases due to the 8-week rule. CCS takes back any payment made for any booking after the last attendance.

Which means that any absent days after the last attendance is full-fee.

From CCS:

If your child’s enrolment ends


If your enrolment ends we won't pay CCS for any days after your child’s last physical attendance. You'll need to pay full fees for any absence days after the last day your child physically attends the service. 


Example 1 - when the child stops attending the service before their enrollment ends


Ivana’s enrolled her child in day care until 12 April. Ivana lets the child care service know that she’s moving and her child’s last day will be on 29 March. The child care service tells Ivana she must continue to pay fees for the days she originally had booked. This is until 12 April. Ivana’s child physically attends day care for the last time on 29 March. We won’t pay CCS after this date. Ivana has to pay the full fees after 29 March until 12 April.


Example 2 - when the child doesn’t attend on the last day of their enrollment


Brad enrolled his child in day care until the end of the year. Brad’s child will attend the same day care next year but under a new enrollment. The last day of care under the current enrollment is 20 December. Brad’s child physically attends for the last time on 19 December. Brad may still have to pay fees for 20 December if required by the child care service. We won’t pay CCS for 20 December.


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