This article will show step by step instructions on how to create your iParentPortal Account.

(Please note, the service must first enable iParentPortal access and send you an invitation for you to follow this tutorial)

Step 1.A: Open your email client, and open an email from "King's Outside of School Hours Care" with subject line: Welcome to iParentPortal for King's Outside School Hours Care. (Pictured Below).

Step 1.B: Click on the link below or 

Welcome Email for iParentPortal

Step 2: Press on Create New User.

Create New User (WEB)

Step 3: Input your details, etc. (should be prefilled) - Use the same email you have given to the service

Creating New User Part 2

After pressing the create button you will land here:

Activation Email Sent

Step 4: Wait for the activation email from Kidsoft with Subject Line: Account Activation and press the activation link. This will direct you to create your password.

Activation Email

Create your Password

Final Step: Press Activate and login with the password you have set.

Once logged into iParentPortal for the first time, you will need to read through the terms and conditions and accept to use the portal.

Any questions or issues please contact us via email: 

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