Using iParentPortal (, you can directly manage your payments, including: saving a credit card or bank account as payment method, making a once-off payment or setting up automatic payment schedule.

Section 1: Saving a Payment Method

Step 1: Log into the Parents Portal and click on Payments Tab

Step 2: Press add a new payment detail

Step 3:  Select the Type of Payment Method you are wanting to save (Bank Account or Credit Card [Visa or Mastercard])

Step 4: Once you filled out all your information, you can now press save, unless you would also like to create a payment schedule, then ensure that you click on (tick) "I want to create a payment schedule with this payment detail"

You can choose to change the frequency to fortnightly if you wish to do so.

In the Maximum Amount, please insert the maximum amount you are comfortable with the schedule to take in a given week. If you like no maximum, so the system to take the account balance, then please write in the Reason box: "No Maximum amount please"

You will also need to include an end date for the payment schedule.