We have recently created a new online booking form to book regular after-school and before school sessions.

This article will help you fill out the form if you have any issues.

First Page:

By default, you can book up to 5 children, however, you will need to specify how many children you are booking.

Specify the number of children you are booking (if 1, type in 1 regardless), and click next.

On the next page, you will see the children tabs reduced to the number of children you are booking. Please fill out all fields for each child.

Once you are done, you can press submit. (it will change to processing and redirect to a success page.

If you get above message, the booking was successful. If not, you may have left a field out, please check the form again. 

If you have any questions or issues while you are filling out the form, please press questions? on the bottom right of the screen and fill out the contact us section. Please press take screenshot, so we can troubleshoot the issue.